The Brisbane flood inquiry continued today as rescue workers gave reports on their efforts during the January disaster.

Firefighters from Toowoomba told how limited resources stopped them providing proper help.

Kieran Rooney reports.


Toowoomba firefighters told how they weren’t ready for the wall of water that hit their town.

Lieutenant William Dundas and Sergeant Geoff Dixon say poor equipment stopped them from reaching trapped victims.

Sergeant Dixon says he was forced to call for army helicopters to reach those in need.

In his evidence, Mr Dundas told how the Toowoomba fire station didn’t have the staff to make up even one swift water rescue team.

Mr Dundas said this lack of trained personnel severely hindered rescue efforts during the floods.

Meanwhile, Premier Anna Bligh is trying to rescue those living with flood damage.

The State Government today raised the amount of money victims can claim by $50,000.

Anna Bligh, Qld Premier: “We have implemented additional measures to improve the level of assistance that people are receiving from the appeal and to improve the prospects of having that work done by builders.”

The flood inquiry continues in Brisbane until the end of next week.

Kieran Rooney, QUT News.