The business end of town headed out of their comfort zone today to raise money for male victims of sexual abuse.

Up to 500 people packed out St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane for the annual Loaves and Fishes Lunch.

Alex Fynes-Clinton reports.


At $55 a head, it’s an expensive plate of fish and chips.

But no-one was complaining.

This year, the 18th Loaves and Fishes lunch is raising money for the Living Well organisation, which provides support to men who’ve experienced sexual abuse.

Dr Gary Foster, Spiritus: “The challenge is providing services to people who don’t want to talk about that sort of stuff or who are reluctant to seek support.”

Last year, the event raised more than $1million – it’s expected to provide a similar windfall this year.

Dr Foster says the money will be invaluable.

Dr Gary Foster, Spiritus: “For us, this will mean now that we can run groups which we know lead to positive mental health outcomes for men working with other men who’ve experienced abuse.”

For 15 years the event helped fund the completion of the cathedral, and now with work finished, the church has turned its attention to helping smaller charity groups.

Peter Catt, Dean of St John’s: “One of the issues that really hasn’t got much traction in the media and other places and in people’s heads is that men can be abused.”

Mental health experts hope as more light is shed on the issue of male sexual abuse, those affected will come forward to seek help.

Alex Fynes-Clinton, QUT News.