The Federal Budget is about to be released, but the Opposition says it won’t be a real snapshot of what Australians can expect.

They say the government has not included the carbon tax so the numbers will not add up.

Sarah McVeigh has this report.


The pressure was rising in Canberra this morning as Treasurer Wayne Swan prepared to deliver his fourth federal budget.

A budget which the government says, is all about jobs.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “Tonight’s budget will get us back in the black. It will get more Australians into jobs and it will spread the opportunities of the boom.”

The Opposition says the budget isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, because the carbon tax hasn’t been included.

Joe Hockey,Shadow Federal Treasurer: “The mining tax is in the budget tonight. The carbon tax is not.”

The carbon tax costings haven’t been finalised and won’t be until the first of July.

The Opposition says, if it’s not in the budget, Australians should have a chance to vote on it at an election.

Joe Hockey,Shadow Federal Treasurer: “I say to Wayne Swan go to the election. Get community endorsement of the carbon tax the same way we got community endorsement of the GST.”

There will be no problem in getting community endorsement from the mental health sector though, where the government is expected to spend up to two billion dollars.

Experts are relieved that prevention and early intervention for young people, is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Professor John Mendoza: “It appears that the government has listened. In particular the Prime Minister has listened to the advice of mental health advocates.”

Tonight’s budget isn’t expected to deliver too much good news.

Young mums and the long-term unemployed have already been warned that things will get tougher.

Sarah McVeigh, QUT News.