By Michelle Thomas and Tom Kojrowicz

Monthly Brisbane flea market Suitcase Rummage is taking budget-conscious communities by storm.

Suitcase Rummage co-founder Daniele Constance says the rising costs of living are attracting more participants to each event.

Suitcase Rummage is Brisbane's best bargain
Suitcase Rummage is Brisbane's best bargain. Photo: David Jackmanson

“It’s a great avenue for them to make a little bit of extra cash, whether it is getting rid of some of stuff or if they have just started making canvas bags or getting craftsty,” she said.

Buyers and sellers alike are drawn to the market due to the competitive prices and range of affordable unique items.

Shopper-turned-vendor Samantha Seljak says the sustainable nature of the market is the main drawcard for most participants.

“It’s a sustainable approach to shopping and getting rid of old things that aren’t useful to you anymore,” she said.

“There are alot of people out there with alot of things at home that they don’t use at home or haven’t used for years.”

Market vendor Yumi Yiu says Suitcase Rummage is also a legitimate way for vendors to make an income competitively.

“I set the price at the beginning that I want,” she said.

“I’ll look around and shop and then I’ll adjust the price.”

Suitcase Rummage is held in King George Square between Adelaide Street and Ann Street in Brisbane’s CBD.