Former Lord Mayor Campbell Newman was on the election trail this morning.

He wasn’t selling his future policies to voters but rather his parliamentary colleagues.

Paige Ross reports.


Over breakfast at Easts Leagues Club, the LNP Leader was working his new ‘party’ room.

It’s the first time he’s met with the full Opposition ‘Shadow’ Ministry. And high on the agenda, making school safety zones safer.

Campbell Newman announced his Government would spend $10 million to install flashing lights in school zones.

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “This will allow us to do about 75 schools a year, so 300 over a four-year-period to improve the safety, to alert motorists the fact they are in a school zone.”

Changing the way Parliament operates was also in Newman’s sights.

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “Shadow cabinet will be moving an amendment to the legislation to have the speaker of the parliament chair of the so-called committee of the legislative assembly.”

Campbell Newman was quick to criticise the Premier’s planned sacking of 3,500 people in the public service and says the sector needs to be given a clear direction.

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “Take the people and put them where they need to be so we can get this money out to people; so we can rebuild Queensland towns and cities, so we can rebuild our infrastructure, so we can get mines approved.”

Paige Ross QUT News.