Four months after the floods which devastated Queensland, the state’s volunteers are getting some recognition.

This week marks the 10th anniversary of National Volunteers Week.

Benjamin Leming reports.


Each year more than five million Aussies give up their time to help others.

For these volunteers, pulling on a pair of gloves and lending a helping hand is all in a day’s work.

In January, Dale and Frank Sopassa lost everything when their house went completely under.

Frank Sopassa, Flood Victim: “When we built here, we had the council come in and showed us the ’74 flood. When we came here, we put about ten truck loads of dirt to come up another metre and a half to make sure it never comes up here.”

Within weeks of losing their house to the floods, the Sopassa’s were dealt a second blow.

Dale Sopassa, Flood Victim: “I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I’m undergoing treatment at the moment which is palliative care.”

Today, about twenty volunteers from Habitat for Humanity showed up to help the Sopassa’s smile again.

After a year of natural disasters, volunteers have come from far and wide to help the victims.

Joyce Daugherty and her husband Bob flew all the way from California.

Joyce Daugherty, Volunteer: “I’ve seen a whole lot of volunteers turn out this morning. We thought the rain would keep them away. What more could you ask than to have people who care come and help.”

Vox 1: “My wife and I have come up from Coffs Harbour. We set out on a holiday to include this particular project.”

All helping to rebuild flood victims’ lives.

Dale Sopassa, Flood Volunteer: “I can’t say thank you enough. To just express the gratitude we’re feeling. That these people give up their time to do this.”

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Benjamin Leming, QUT News.