Four Queensland regions will be happy to hear their water prices are decreasing.

But, Brisbane City Council residents are not among the lucky few, instead their prices will rise.

Ella Feinberg Large reports


Urban Utilities had good news for Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and parts of the Somerset region.

Their water prices are going down by up to $100 over the next two years.

The lower charges reflecting compassion for those in rural areas, hit hard by recent floods.

Jude Munro, Qld Urban Utilities Chairperson: “We are very concerned about the impacts on them of utility charges. So we have done our darnedest to make sure that we can deliver water and waste water charges that are our lowest.”

But that compassion doesn’t extend to Brisbane, water bills here will rise by 6.47 percent.

Jude Munro, Qld Urban Utilities Chairperson: “Brisbane prices will still be the cheapest in Southeast Queensland. Even so, Urban Utilities says it’s the State bulk water charges which are responsible for two-thirds of the price hike.”

Campbell Newman, LNP Leader: “Bulk water prices from the Queensland State Government are driving the huge increases in water bills and the Premier should do something about it.”

Anna Bligh, Qld Premier: “We have a ten year price path we outlined it publicly three years ago and we are adhering to it. Bulk water charges will see some increase but it only makes up twenty five percent of the bill.”

Ella Feinberg Large, QUT news.