Queensland will play host to one of the most exciting and colourful forms of transport ever seen.

A specially-commissioned artistic project has been unveiled and it will soon embark on its maiden journey.

Phoebe Parsons reports.


Onlookers at Roma St station were in for a treat this morning as Australia’s longest moving canvas made its first appearance.

Queensland Rail’s Tilt Train has been transformed by three-hundred-and-one meters of Indigenous artwork.

Commissioned nearly a year ago, a vinyl wrap of the work was stuck onto each carriage and the finished product has impressed the creators.

AlickTipoti, artist: “To see this 150 metres it’s like woah!”

This striking piece of mobile artwork is set to become one of Queensland’s most recognisable tourism attractions.

Rachel Nolan, Queensland Arts Minister: “I’m very pleased to put a whole new product on the tourist market and one that I think shows all of the best of what’s good about Queensland.”

This train is the first of two, with work on the second expected to begin later this month.

The moving canvas will travel through some of the states most stunning locations, only fitting it end in Cairns, home to some of the most exciting emerging artists.

After seeing this project come to life, Judy Watson believes artists everywhere will be keen to let loose.

Judy Watson, artist: “I would say you’ll get artists just taking over the environment and swallowing buildings next. Maybe you know there’ll be more images on planes; ocean liners, who knows.”

Queenslanders will get their first look at the art in motion when the train pulls out tonight.

Phoebe Parsons, QUT News.