Enthusiasts of all ages are gearing up to see the latest range of trucks, trailers and transport equipment on display at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

Forty-thousand people are expected, wanting to see the latest innovations in technology and engineering in the industry.

Hannah Doody reports.


It’s the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere and this year’s truck show is promising to be bigger and better.

Organisers say the show contributes to a boom in truck sales.

Bob Martin, President of Commercial Vehicle Industry Association: “A lot of the public that are looking to buy trucks, they’ll wait until a truck show like this comes out so they can see those new models and then they purchase after that.”

The 260 exhibitors hold out for the show which is held every two years.

At Volvo – a simulator was used to show the importance of wearing a seatbelt – and that safety is their company’s core value.

While no trucks will be sold at today’s exhibition, that doesn’t mean that retailers can’t promote their own products and blow their own trumpet.

Mitch Peden, Volvo General Manager, Marketing: “Now the doors are open it’s really fantastic that people can come in, see our products, engage with our company and I guess take part in what our company has to offer in the market. So yes it’s very exciting for us yes, absolutely.”

There were some big toys for some big boys but some proved this show isn’t just for men.

Jane Browers, Truck Enthusiast: “I look for the highlights, yeah it’s good, really nice.”

Others showed that size doesn’t matter when it comes to driving these big machines.

The exhibition is at the Southbank Convention Centre until Sunday.

Hannah Doody, QUT News.