The Queensland Flood Commission Inquiry that started nearly a month ago has made its way back to Brisbane.

Today’s proceedings looked at how flood information and supplies were delivered to people in the western suburbs of the city as well as how communities could respond to natural disasters in the future.

Elly Bradfield reports.


In January the western suburbs of Moggill and Belbowrie were under water, today they were under the commission’s spotlight.

First up it heard from members of community-based emergency response groups which formed because of the lack of somewhere official to go.

Graham Barnard, Moggill Uniting Church: “Everything is contained in the one centre so when that went under we were without any services whatsoever.”

Bruce Flegg, the member for Moggill agreed, saying once the vital shopping centre was flooded the area was left with very little.

He also suggested a $50 cap on spending for emergency purchases.

Dr Bruce Flegg, Member for Moggill: “So that as many people as possible in the community can get their share of fuel and milk and bread and baby supplies and other essentials of life.”

He said in an emergency information was just as important as food and fears the community would be no better off if another flood happened tomorrow.

Dr Bruce Flegg, Member for Moggill: “I’m hoping that from this we can learn and next time we are confronted with large communities that are isolated without power and with only limited information that we are able to do things better.”

That’s the sentiment being heard at all of the commission’s sittings so far.

Having already sat in Toowoomba, Dalby, Goondiwindi and St George, the inquiry will move to central Queensland later in the month.

The Commission will sit in Brisbane until the end of next week.

Elly Bradfield, QUT News.