The Australian Federal Police have made a record drug bust, seizing a quarter of a tonne of ice.

The string of raids across Sydney and Perth have led to four men being arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession.

Michelle Thomas reports.


Police seized 239kg of methamphetamine in the raids across Sydney and Perth with an estimated street value of $50 million.

They say the arrests of two Australians and two Europeans is a huge step forward in their war on drugs.

Kevin Zuccato, Assistant AFP Commissioner: “Their arrests will severely damage the ability of this syndicate to operate, and in fact in Australia I think we’ve cut them off at the knees.”

Detectives also found cash and a loaded semi-automatic pistol with the drugs.

Also in Sydney, seven detainees have been charged over last month’s riots at Villawood Detention Centre.

The Australian Federal Police charged the men, aged between 30 and 54, with affray and destroying or damaging property.

One hundred detainees were involved in the April riots in which nine buildings were destroyed by fire, 22 were arrested and taken to Silverwater Jail.

Police found a homemade explosive device at the centre a month before the riots.

Michelle Thomas, QUT News.