Day: May 5, 2011

Grantham looks to higher ground

Four months on and life is finally looking up for residents in the Lockyer Valley. The local council today unveiled its master plan to move flood ravaged residents to higher, drier ground. Clare Hunter has this report.

Flood inquiry returns to Brisbane

The Queensland Flood Commission Inquiry that started nearly a month ago has made its way back to Brisbane. Today’s proceedings looked at how flood information and supplies were delivered to people in the western suburbs of the city as well

Outrage over ‘cab chat’ plans

The State Government is considering introducing compulsory audio recording in taxis across Queensland. The draft proposal intends to improve passenger and driver safety, but is seen by some as an unnecessary invasion of privacy. Lincoln Humphries reports.

More support needed for victims of crime

Queensland victims of crime want their voices heard. Their calls are being backed by politicians who say the courts need to pay more attention to those who are left behind after someone is murdered. Brenda Riley reports.

Teen parents face welfare crackdown

Teenage parents could face losing their welfare payments under a trial scheme announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The teens could lose more than $600 a fortnight if they fail to meet new requirements. Phoebe Parsons reports.

Drug bust blow to international crime network

The Australian Federal Police have made a record drug bust, seizing a quarter of a tonne of ice. The string of raids across Sydney and Perth have led to four men being arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession.

Truckies gear up for big show

Enthusiasts of all ages are gearing up to see the latest range of trucks, trailers and transport equipment on display at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show. Forty-thousand people are expected, wanting to see the latest innovations in technology and engineering