Bayside residents took to the streets today protesting against the introduction of paid parking at one of the region’s busiest ferry terminals.

Protestors say Redland City Council’s plans will ruin island life.

Michelle Thomas reports.


Island residents are angry.

The decision by Redland City Council to put in pay and display parking meters is one they say they can’t afford.

Jenny Haffenden, Macleay Island Resident: “If they bring in this cost of paying for parking, that’s the end of me being able to live on the island.”

Protestors set up camp today voicing their disapproval of the proposed upgrade of the Weinam Creek Ferry Terminal.

But they do have some council support.

Cr Karen Williams, Redland City Mayoral candidate: “The interim carparking plan is 1.5 million dollars worth of hard-earned rate payers dollars; it’s a bandaid solution that doesn’t actually fix anything.”

Residents say they could be forced to pay more than $2,000 a year to leave their cars here at the terminal. At the moment it costs less than half that amount.

Redland City Mayor, Melva Hobson denies the proposed revamp is a council revenue raiser.

Melva Hobson, Redland City Mayor: “There is no money grab because there is no profiteering or profit made out of this, it is to cover the costs of work that we do.”

And the Mayor refuses to rule out a further roll out of paid parking around the Redlands.

Melva Hobson, Redland City Mayor: “We have to set a policy, and council has to set a policy.”

Work on the upgrade is due to begin later this year. Protestors are vowing to stay camped outside the council until their pleas are heard.

Michelle Thomas, QUT News.