A world record attempt with a difference today.

More than 200 learner drivers took to the streets in an attempt to break the World’s Largest Driving Lesson record.

But seasoned motorists were never in danger.

Rhianna Bull has the story.


The Boondall Entertainment Centre played host to 26 of the would-be record breakers.

Learner drivers were put through their paces at a special circuit course which included a number of obstacles and distractions.

Queensland’s Minister for Transport says it’s vital beginners are given every opportunity before hitting the highway.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Transport Minister: “We’ve got a lot of learner drivers out there practicing with the trainers, we want to reduce the road toll but what’s really important is that we want to make sure that these drivers get experience on the road.”

This month marks Fatality Free Friday and today’s record attempt was an initiative from the foundation.

Queensland Police applauded the event but the question remains whether L-Plate drivers are taking the new learner driving laws and log books seriously.

Jac Feather, Regional Traffic Co-ordinator: “For the police service it’s not something we are seeing a great deal of; what we are seeing is people getting behind the wheel and attempting to get through these hundred hours safely and gaining as much experience as they can.”

And it appears learner drivers are getting some messages.

Vox: “Basically to just drive safe, be a safe driver on the roads and not be an idiot.”

But event organisers say these messages must be reinforced during the early driving years.

Russel White, Chairman of Fatality Free Friday Road Safety Foundation: “During their learner phase they will probably be the safest they’re going to be in their whole career; the tricky part comes when they come off L plates and onto the P plates.”

This is just one of 10 national locations participating in the world record attempt with most of the action taking place away from our main roads.

While today’s record attempt fell short of the mark – recent learner driver laws have seen the number of young driver fatalities decrease – reason for some celebration.

Rhianna Bull, QUT News.