It’s the derby local AFL fans have been waiting to see.

The Lions and the Suns will play their first official AFL game this weekend at the Gabba since the Suns debut in April.

Brenda Riley reports.


The Suns may be the new kids on the block but old boy Michael Voss is the one feeling the heat.

After losing to Richmond by 26 points on the weekend, the Lions are still without a win.

Voss, who was too sick to appear today, sent assistant coach Gary O’Donnell to comment.

Gary O’Donnell, Lions Assistant Coach: “we’re fired up because we want to find our first win. In three of the games, four of the games probably we’ve been in positions where we could win and haven’t been able to seal the deal. It’s time to seal the deal.”

He says their primary focus is consistency.

Gary O’Donnell, Lions Assistant Coach: “Make sure that we play the game on our terms and you know, make sure that everyone has a consistent game across the game I reckon, every so often for ten minutes we’ve let other teams in… can’t afford to do that this week.”

The match is set to be a personal one with former Lions Michael Rischitelli and Jared Brennan facing up against old team mates.

While the Suns are one win up on the Lions, the team suffered the most humiliating loss in the game’s history on the weekend.

After a goalless first quarter, the newcomers finished 139 points behind Essendon.

Michael Rischitelli left the Lions last year after being unhappy with his treatment at the club.

Gary O’Donnell, Lions Assistant Coach: “He was always treated very fairly, and I always thought he was a good player.”

Kick off is at 7.10pm.

Brenda Riley, QUT News.