More than a thousand people dressed in red to raise awareness for child safety on what’s become known as the Day for Daniel.

It’s almost seven years since the then 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe disappeared without trace while heading off to go Christmas shopping on the Sunshine Coast.

Candice Anderson reports.

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Streets, schools and business turned red today to mark this year’s Day for Daniel.

The national event, established by Denise and Bruce Morcombe, aims to promote child safety awareness.

Daniel’s father says today takes on a special significance with the inquest into his son’s suspected murder continuing.

Bruce Morcombe: “We can not change what’s happened to Daniel but if we can say next time little Johnny goes missing we got it right and we find him that’s great.”

Today, almost seven years on, family members are now hoping for closure.

Kevin Beavis, Grandfather: “It’s not all in vain I can assure you, the day will come when we will find Daniel’s body and when I drive past the cemetery I will be able to call and put some flowers on his little grave.”

It’s a national fund raising day and here in Brisbane some businesses showed their support.

Josie Loth, Fundraising Manager for Open Minds: “A lot of our staff and clients have young children so the more that we can help promote child safety the better the whole community is.”

The second stage of the inquest into Daniel’s disappearance finished yesterday in Caboolture. From the evidence givin up to ten people of interest could be called before the courts, when the inquest resumes in December.

Candice Anderson, QUT News.