Two of Australia’s young sports stars gave Kenmore children a lesson on getting active today.

Australian Water Polo player Hannah Robinson, and Australian Youth Soccer player Kate Stewart are two of many athletes spreading the healthy message.

Mitch Sabine reports.

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The Get Active initiative is travelling to schools across Queensland encouraging children to lead healthy lives.

The sports stars told students at Our Lady of the Rosary School how they’ve benefitted from getting involved in sport.

Kate Stewart, Australian Youth Soccer Player: “It’s probably just important so that we can get out to the schools and teach the kids what we do and so maybe that’s something they can aspire to.”

But Ms Robinson says the program isn’t just about sport.

Hannah Robinson, Australian Water Polo Player: “And we also do a bit of healthy lifestyle, so teaching them the correct foods to eat, and ways to be healthy, get active.”

Physical Education Teacher, Pat Tarrit, says kids should be active from a young age.

Pat Tarrit, HPE Teacher: “Mentally they seem to develop better and they seem to be more resilient, if they play sport they learn how to lose and how to win.”

Obesity levels among Australian children continue to climb. Ten per cent of boys are now classified as obese and 20 per cent of girls.

A report released earlier this month says obesity is now the leading health concern in the developed world.

The athletes will visit up to 150 schools in the next year, promoting healthy sporting lifestyles, Mitch.

Sabine, QUT News.