Brisbane night-life is set for a tough overhaul in a bid to curb alcohol related violence.

Legislation introduced today will give police more powers to clamp down on unruly behaviour at popular drinking haunts.

Kathleen Calderwood reports.

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The government’s latest effort to cool hot tempers after a big night out will be hitting Fortitude Valley, the Gold Coast and Townsville.

The Premier announced a Drink Safe Precincts trial in August after an Inquiry by the Law, Justice and Safety Committee. Now it’s before parliament.

The initial suggestion of a 2AM shutdown of all pubs and clubs has been dropped from the plan following the severe uproar it caused earlier this year.

Police officers will have the ability to impose a complete ban of up to twelve months on any persistent trouble-makers.

Nick Braban, Owner, Barsoma: “The onus I think now is back on the public to understand their responsibilities as they enter private businesses and what behaviour is expected of them.”

The two year trial is set to begin in December but the government’s $4.2 million budget has some hotel patrons wondering if it’ll all be worthwhile.

Vox 1: “I don’t think it’s worth that, definitely not.”

Vox 2: “Why don’t we hear more about this, they just introduce it.”

Vox 3: “Sometimes I wonder if increase police presence makes these things worse.”

But vendors think it’s a reasonable investment.

Nick Braban, Owner Barsoma: “If we were to look at the amount of money spent on a big sporting event where there is 40,000 or 50,000 people at an event, I think it would be a similar amount. We see that every weekend in the valley.”

The trial includes dedicated safe zones, compulsory free water at all venues and consultations with hospitality vendors.

Kathleen Calderwood, QUT News.