Two months after the election, the latest news poll shows the Opposition has a narrow lead on the Government as the preferred party.

The Greens have been the big mover claiming the Government doesn’t know what it stands for.

Ellen-Maree Elliot reports.

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The Prime Minister was all smiles today as she visited a medical training school to promote Labor’s new health policies.

Although she declined to try out the equipment, she didn’t deny its importance.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “This change is the foundation stone for our health reform agenda.”

The government says they’re just getting on with the job.

Nick Champion, Labor Backbencher: “We’ve got to get on the with job of governing that’s really what the Australian people have said to us.”

However, the latest newspoll shows Labor is down four per cent in the primary vote.

The Liberal Nationals are up one per cent and the Greens gained two per cent.

This means the Opposition has inched ahead in the two party-preferred vote.

Vox 1: “These are dark days for the liberal party.”

The Greens aren’t surprised by their popularity boost.

Christine Milne, Greens Senator: “Until such time as Labor actually decides what it stands for, we’re going to see this increasing growing support for the Greens.”

The swing towards the Greens has some Labor party members calling for change.

The legalisation of gay marriage, more power for unions and a stronger stance on climate change are some of the items on their agenda.

However, not all MPs are worried.

Michelle Rowland, Labor Backbencher: “If there’s one thing I am not concerned about, which the election campaign taught me, is the opinion polls.”

The Prime Minister has no reason to be concerned.

Her approval rating is up extending her lead over Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister.

Ellen-Maree Elliot, QUT News.