Police are trialling a new programme on the Gold Coast aimed at addressing anti-social behaviour and criminal activity of high school students.

The programme, named operation JJ, will see an in uniform police officer appear daily in two high schools.

Candice Anderson reports.

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Palm Beach-Currumbin and Elanora State High schools will see a new role model on campus.

Education Queensland and Queensland police are taking steps to implement early intervention strategies after kids filmed sickening bashings and posted them on the internet last year.

The principle of Elanora says she’s already seen a positive change in students and looks forward to a stronger police presence.

Fran Jones, Principal of Elanora State High: “If we want to do something about binge drinking or drugs or truancy or whatever it is we need to come at it before the problem starts.”

Officers on the school beat say it’s important to change the way some students feel about police.

Constable Emily Tragis, Qld Police: “Since operation JJ commenced we’ve had so many disclosures, just be running programmes in the school, they wait at the end and come and talk to us.”

But some students from Palm Beach-Currumbin say operation JJ isn’t stopping kids from skipping school.

Palm Beach-Currumbin State High School student: “Yeah it might stop kids wagging a bit by the cops coming round and everything, but I don’t think they’ll really care that much, cause it happens anyway.”

Others say they feel uncomfortable talking to the officers.

Queensland police say the operation is a great success, but with no substantial evidence to prove that, plans to incorporate other schools have not been made.

Candice Anderson, QUT News.