Individuals and organisations who’ve played significant roles in the work of the Heart Foundation, were honoured at a luncheon in Brisbane today.

Leading medical researchers, fund raisers and survivors were among the special guests.

Christie Delizo reports.

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The function celebrated the achievements of those who made significant contributions to the heart foundation’s work.

The main message driving the ceremony was the importance of prevention of heart disease and its disturbingly high prevalence in women.

John Wilkinson, Former Heart Foundation President: “One of the main things we’re trying to impress upon people at the present time is the incidence of heart disease in women because this is a major factor.”

While case numbers of heart disease have fallen more than 11,000 women still die from heart disease every year.

Assoc. Prof. David Colquhoun, Cardiologist: “Blocked arteries to the heart is still the major cause of death in our community and women die ten times more from heart disease, than breast cancer.”

A heart attack survivor shared her story stressing the importance of educating the public about heart disease.

Liz Joshua, Survivor: “People need to be aware, rather than afraid of, because early prevention is clearly the key.”

Awareness of healthy living is the key measure to preventing heart disease.

An Australian woman is four times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer. While the mortality rate has dropped, the Heart Foundation says it is still too high but can be prevented.

Christie Delizo, QUT News.