Brisbane’s Bayside is in shock after an arson attack on the Queensland Ambulance Service overnight.

Three ambulance vehicles and the Cleveland Ambulance Station have been destroyed, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Briony Skinner reports.

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Fire fighters were called to Ormiston just after midnight, where an ambulance had been set alight after being stolen from the nearby station.

Soon after, officers were called to a second fire, at the station on Wellington Street in Cleveland.

The building was already ablaze it took 25 fire officers and six trucks to put out the fire, which also gutted two vehicles.

Neighbours say they were woken by loud noises.

Martyn Barrett, Local Resident: “But there was just like gas bottles exploding, flames shooting into the air and then eventually the fire actually spread rapidly all the way up to the forward garage.”

Luckily no-one was in the building at the time. However, local ambos are feeling the loss of their second home.

Steve Clarke, Queensland Ambulance Service: “There’s a lot of memories in there there’s a lot of good times, a lot of sad times, talking with crews themselves, just the work environment itself. It’s a tragic loss to them as well.”

Police are interviewing a number of witnesses and have been working with the ambulance and fire services to examine the station today.

Tony Cross, Detective Superintendant: “We’d urge anybody with any information to come forward, contact Crimestoppers. It is a very serious matter.”

Officers have reassured residents ambulance response times won’t be affected. A makeshift station has been set up in a neighbouring State Emergency Services building.

The Queensland Ambulance Service says it will take at least three to six months to repair the damage caused in the fires.

Briony Skinner, QUT News.