Child safety experts have urged the Government to introduce stricter regulations to improve visibility from cars.

The call comes as parents received free advice on how to protect their children as part of Kidsafe Day, an event that raises awareness about unintentional injuries to children.

Ellen-Maree Elliot reports.

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Kidsafe Queensland gathered everyone from the police to the makers of the safest trampoline in the world to promote child safety.

Susan Teerds, Executive Officer Kidsafe QLD: “Our mission is to prevent unintentional injury and injury deaths in children.”

Parents were concerned about a range of issues.

Vox 1: “Always mindful around cars, water and balconies and windows.”

Vox 2: “Knowing what to do, what not to do, what to talk to her about.”

The second highest cause of external injury to toddlers is low impact collisions with cars. Every year in Queensland 120 children are run over.

Three of those children die and all of those deaths are preventable.

Bronwyn Griffin, Researcher Royal Children’s Hospital: “Supervising your children, being absolutely sure where they are before the vehicle’s moved, separating the driveway with a fence and seeing where the children are whilst you’re moving the vehicle.”

Ms Griffin says minimum standards should be introduced to ensure cars have good, safe visibility.

Bronwyn Griffin, Researcher Royal Children’s Hospital: “We will be putting the findings towards government and asking for change in certain areas.”

With new regulations for pool fences and car restraints, Kidsafe says it’s not about creating a nanny state.

Susan Teerds, Executive Officer Kidsafe QLD: “It’s not about wrapping our children in cotton wool, it’s about allowing them to play safely and to learn and grow and develop in a loving and safe environment.”

Children’s Week celebrations continue until Thursday.

Ellen-Maree Elliot, QUT News.