There was action aplenty off the track today as the V8 Supercar drivers took a back seat to watch a very different kind of motoring.

Some though couldn’t resist the need for speed taking on some of the more racey rides at Movie World.

Peter Addley reports.

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The V8 Supercar drivers were spectators this morning to action on two and four wheels.

But they were unsure whether they could replicate the precision skills possessed by the Movie World stunt car drivers.

Greg Murphy, Castrol Edge Racing: “I think it would take a little bit of practice before we were able to look anywhere as sharp as those guys. It’s an impressive show, there’s no doubt about it.”

Some drivers couldn’t resist the fast pace and took on the exhilarating Superman Escape ride which travels from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in just two seconds.

Action on the track is expected to be just as quick but with a few more hazards.

Russell Ingall, Supercheap Auto Racing: “All the drivers know what the Gold Coast’s track like and if you make a mistake, you’re straight into a wall. So, there’ll be a lot of drivers, not only the locals but the Europeans paying attention.”

And it wasn’t just the V8 Supercar drivers getting a piece of the action today – drivers from the V8 Utes and the Mini Challenge also dropping in.

Engines start revving tomorrow with drivers keen to test their cars around the new, tighter circuit.

Yvan Muller, International/Touring Car Driver: “I’m really looking forward to be back in this car, especially on this kind of circuit which for me, this circuit is a religion.”

Organisers say around 140,000 tickets have been sold to the event although the possibility of rain could keep some spectators away.

Peter Addley, QUT News.