Draft laws which would help transfer the existing copper communications network from Telstra to NBN Co were introduced to Parliament today.

However, the Opposition proposes a Private Member’s bill calling for a business plan and closer oversight of the National Broadband Network project.

D. William Stopford reports.

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Malcolm Turnbull plans to introduce a bill which would call for a Productivity Commission to examine the NBN, and for the government’s NBN Co to publish a 10-year business plan.

The Prime Minister has slammed the proposal as a political stunt, designed to slow down the rollout of the network.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “Every day of delay for these reforms is a day of higher prices and less choice.”

Her minister says a cost-benefit analysis would be pointless as the economic case has already been made for the NBN.

Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister: “So the Productivity Commission will be a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The Government says the NBN has already succeeded in encouraging competition and driving down prices in Tasmania.

Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister: “The Opposition claims it wants transparency and scrutiny, but at every step it has blocked and delayed the reforms that will benefit all Australians.”

D. William Stopford, QUT News.