Dreamworld’s Tiger Island has welcomed a twelve week old Sumatran Tiger cub as its newest and smallest member.

Pi was named after the prize winning novel “life of Pi” and hand raised in Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve.

Pansy Yu reports.

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Pi was born in Cairns to a 13-year-old female, named Louise.

Zoo keepers made the decision to relocate Pi to Dreamworld for his first year.

Patrick Martin-Vegue, Dreamworld Tiger Island Manger: “He is a bit different from the other cats. He doesn’t have anybody to play with really so he takes all of his play and aggression and stuff out on us.”

Dreamworld Tiger Island is the largest interactive tiger facility outside the United States.

It already has 12 big cats, including six Sumatrans and is now acting as a babysitter for Pi.

Patrick Martin-Vegue, Dreamworld Tiger Island Manger: “He will be out with the big Tigers quite soon so he’ll be getting used to them so there will be a whole new experience for him seeing big Tigers.”

The tigers’ survival is constantly threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.

Sumatran Tiger is a critical endangered species. There are not more than 400 in the wild.

Patrick Martin-Vegue, Dreamworld Tiger Island Manger: “So the big point that he’ll help us is getting that message out about conservation and helping us raise a few dollars that go to conservation effort for supporting in Sumatra and Russia.”

Pi is now receiving needles and inoculation treatment and will soon socialise with the other tigers.

Patrick Martin-Vegue, Dreamworld Tiger Island Manger: “He’s only been here for a few days now but he’s getting a routine down. He is eating well, starting to explore the parks so it’s a lot of fun for him.”

And fun for his handlers as well.

Pansy Yu, QUT News.