The Lord Mayor has launched a new flood alert service to notify residents when water levels rise.

Three thousand residents in Brisbane’s low lying areas can choose to receive an alert via SMS, E-mail or voice-mail.

William Stopford reports.

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The flood alert service was announced today at a demonstration on flood procedures at SES headquarters.

The alerts will be sent out to residents of Boondall, Rocklea, Hemmant and East Brisbane all flood-prone areas.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “So literally people who live in those four locations who choose to subscribe will actually get told that the waters are rising in those creeks.”

The Lord Mayor says the service will provide the most up-to-the-minute information residents can access.

With Brisbane expecting a rash of storms over the next few weeks, the council wants to make sure that residents know what to do when water levels rise.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “We’d really like to encourage people to take advantage of this, it’s not going to cost them anything but it’s all about them being properly informed.”

The SES warns residents to exercise common sense during floods, by avoiding driving or swimming through flood waters and by ensuring their homes are protected.

Peter Healey, SES Group Leader: “You plan ahead, not leave it to the last minute, ’cause obviously those areas that are flooding are going to be difficult to get into once an event begins.”

The new flood alert system comes after Brisbane was drenched by heavy rains last week, flooding low-lying areas and pushing Wivenhoe Dam over capacity.

William Stopford, QUT News.