The rising power of the minor political parties will be seen this week as MPs prepare for the first debate on the Afghanistan war.

The Federal Government agreed to hold tomorrow’s debate as part of its agreement with the Greens.

James Weir reports.

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Federal Parliament resumes tomorrow and MPs are exercising more power than they’ve had in 60 years.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and the Greens will lead the argument to withdraw Australian troops from Afghanistan in the debate that begins tomorrow.

Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens: “The opinion polls show that most Australian’s also believe our troops should be safely withdrawn.”

But with major parties backing Australia’s involvement in the decade-long war, bringing troops home will not be an easy fight.

Stuart Robert, Liberal Backbencher: “It’s certainly in the national interest and the Australian people understand that we are fighting a just war.”

One Labor MP questioned the bipartisan approach after Tony Abbott recently called for more military support and accused the government of backstabbing troops.

Rob Mitchell, Labor Backbencher: “The key with Mr Abbott is consistency and there is no consistency. He’s all over the shop at the moment.”

The Federal Government agreed to the debate as part of its alliance with the Greens.

The lower house will debate until Thursday before the Senate continues the debate next week.

James Weir, QUT News.