It’s certainly been a hectic theatre season at QPAC this year but by all reports the highlight is still to come.

Two big names have joined forces to produce a highly anticipated performance.

Kieran Marsh reports.

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Opening tonight for a two week season ‘The stories of the miracles at Cookie’s table’ is the work of acclaimed Queensland playwright Wesley Enoch.

It portrays the reuniting of an estranged mother and son and their fight for ownership of a treasured family legacy, a table carved from the tree under which their aboriginal ancestors were born.

Wesley Enoch, Playwright: “This idea that if you were born under a tree, as is our tradition, and that tree was made into a table what would it be, how would we connect in a modern world so it’s really about how the traditional and the contemporary come together.”

And while the play broaches a number of topical issues, Wesley was clear on what he thought was the most important.

Wesley Enoch, Playwright: “For me, the most important issue in the play is actually about how stories bind a family together.”

He has teamed with renowned indigenous actress Leah Purcell for this project … one that she believes wades through politics and is thrilled to be apart of.

Leah Purcell, Actress & Director: “To have a great indigenous play where ti touches on more of an emotional journey, family, our lives at home yeh it’s a privilege.”

QPAC say they are excited to present this work because of it’s cultural significance and Leah admits plays like these are an important medium to give an insight into indigenous culture.

Leah Purcell, Actress & Director: “It’s understanding, I’m not here to change anyone’s perspective but I think it’s a great way to put our issues out there, to give people an understanding of who we are.”

Expected to draw a large crowd to QPAC, the story of the miracle at Cookie’s table is a moving testament to the importance of culture and the strength of family.

Kieran Marsh, QUT News.