Have enough sleep each day, don’t drive until you’re 25 and you’re far less likely to be in a serious road crash.

While Queensland’s road fatalities have dropped by almost a third this year, road safety experts told a national workshop, more can be done.

Vivien von Drehnen reports.

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Mary Williams is the CEO of a leading road safety charity in the United Kingdom.

She’s leading a campaign to support families who’ve lost loved ones.

Mary Williams, Brake Chief Executive Director: “We believe that we’re growing a movement, a global movement, that can make people understand the carnage on our roads is absolutely unacceptable.

She told the one hundred and seventy five delegates frequent campaigning and hard-hitting communication were vital.

Mary Williams, Brake Chief Executive Director: “I think by bringing that energy together we create that movement, we create that community and we can share best practice.”

Mary Williams hopes today will help futher develop solutions to road safety issues Queensland authorities agree.

Superintendent Col Campbell, from the Queensland Police traffic branch, says delegates should seek funding to advance their own programs.

Sup’t Col Campbell, Queensland Police Traffic Support Branch: “I’ve been trying to facilitate new networks throughout the community and people who I feel have similar objectives and similar visions to road safety.”

He told participants that driver behaviour is a major contributor to fatal crashes.

Drivers aged seventeen to twenty-four are twice as likely to be involved, compared with those aged twenty-five to twenty-nine.

And if you drive on less than five hours’ sleep in the previous twenty-four hours, you treble your risk of having a crash.

Vivien von Drehnen, QUT News.