At first glance it looked like a blast from the past as one of the team’s for next week’s Gold Coast 600 was announced.

But racing veteran Russell Ingall is pairing up with the son of his former driving partner.

Alex Champtaloup reports.

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It was case of deja vu on the coast today the team’s car next weekend will read Ingall Perkins.

Jack Perkins, son of his Bathurst winning father – Larry – knows he doesn’t have the experience of his co-driver but is confident ahead of next weekend’s event.

Jack Perkins, Supercheap Auto Driver: “I’m as fit as any other driver out there, I’ve raced at Indy for three years now I’m comfortable with the circuit lay out and I really like driving the car close to the wall.”

Perkins said the experience would be a good one for his family, but he’s concentrating on results.

Jack Perkins, Supercheap Auto Driver: “The business is we’ve got to do a good job on Saturday and Sunday at the race and that’s my priority at the moment for sure.”

Perkins will add a poignant touch to his race at the 600 wearing a replica of the helmet his dad wore during his memorable Bathurst win of 1995.

The government has invested $6.5 million into the weekend long event and is expecting huge returns.

Organisers will have to hope wet weather doesn’t keep spectators away from the event which has attracted drivers from around the world.

Phil Reeves, Qld Sports Minister: “This is it’s 20th year and the average economic impact is $60 million per year.”

The Gold Coast 600 runs from the 22nd to the 24th of October.

Alex Champtaloup, Qut News.