A grateful mother has met the man who helped save her daughter’s life.

The Ipswich Communications Police Centre took the triple-zero call from the mother ….whose four month old baby had stopped breathing.

Sebastian Sinclair reports.


Jessie Sutton is grateful her baby is alive.

After discovering her daughter wasn’t breathing she quickly dialled triple zero.

Jessie Sutton, Mother: “We were just feeding her and she just started throwing up and just stopped breathing she started going blue and that’s when I decided to make the phone call.”

The distress call came at around 9pm on September 25th.

Audio of emergency call: “Emergency, my daughter is not breathing, OK how old is your daughter? 4 months old, she has only been out of hospital three weeks, she’s a premy.”

Andrew Heinrich is a police communications officer and took the call.

He then contacted Queensland Ambulance Service while continuing to provide assistance.

Mr Heinrich’s calm and professional manner helped take control of the situation, providing instructions on CPR to the distressed mother.

Audio of emergency call: “Alright I want you to place your hand on her forehead okay? Yes. The other hand underneath her neck, yes! Then tilt the head back.”

Mr. Heinrich has been recommended for official recognition.

Mr. Heinrich, Police Communications Operator: “Well I don’t really think I’m a hero. I’m a trained emergency operator, I deal with life threatening situations pretty much every day.”

Jessie Sutton, Mother: “So what would you like to say to him? Thank you, if it wasn’t for you she probably wouldn’t be here, its alright.”

Colleagues say Mr. Heinrich is an example of the great people Queensland Police has working behind the scenes.

Sebastian Sinclair, QUT News.