Gold Coast Suns’ recruits Gary Ablett and Jared Brennan have taken their first look at their new home at Carrara Stadium.

The star duo say they will start training with the club next week.

Hannah Doody reports.


Former Geelong midfielder Gary Ablett and former Lion Jared Brennan toured the Carrara facilities this afternoon.

Ablett says he is going to embrace the culture shock of moving to a rugby-oriented state.

Gary Ablett, Gold Coast Suns’ player: “I think it’s great, not as many people recognise you up here, so it’s great to get around and walk around and as you said it’s all rugby rugby rugby up here so I think I’ll enjoy it a lot.”

Ablett brushed off speculation he would be made the Suns’ first captain.

He said having three weeks off has made him eager to start training again.

Gary Ablett, Gold Coast Suns’ player: “I’m actually very keen to get back into it, I mean I’ve had three and a half weeks off now, which is enough for me. I can’t wait to get back into training.”

Despite spending nine years with the Brisbane Lions, Brennan said he is going to remain good friends with his former team mates.

Jared Brennan, Gold Coast Suns; player: “I had a great time at the Lions, and some of the boys I got to know there were unbelievable and even though I’m not playing football with them anymore, I’ll still be friends with them for life.”

Coach Guy McKenna says both players will bring more than just great skill and football talent to the team.

Guy McKenna, Gold Coast Suns’ Coach: “For the young fellas to see the enthusiasm, the professionalism, all those sorts of things that both Gary and Jared bring to the club is just one of those intangible things.”

McKenna said it might take six months before their playing list is settled.

The Suns start pre-season training on Monday.

Hannah Doody, QUT News.