The torrential rainfall earlier this week has had a major impact on the capacities of Brisbane’s key dams.

With more rain expected the decision’s been taken to ease the pressure creating some history in the process.

Kieran Marsh reports.

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It’s the first time in a decade that all five gates of the Wivenhoe spillway have been opened.

Barry Dennien, Water Grid CEO: “We’re releasing in controlled conditions 1,200 litres, 1,200 cubic metres per second of water from the dam itself.”

Despite a significant increase in water levels downstream Mr Dennien is confident the impact on local residents will be minimal.

Barry Dennien, Water Grid CEO: “There is possibly some small pockets where there are small low level bridges as I said where the crossing has been closed but the majority of people downstream have second access to get back out from their property.”

All three of Brisbane’s major dams are at 100 per cent capacity and as a result are experiencing controlled releases at the same time – a first since 1999.

And the dam can certainly still pull a crowd with big numbers braving the wet conditions to witness this historic event.

Vox 1: “We can actually see the spillway from home so it’s good to watch from home but it’s better a bit closer.”

Vox 2: “Ah it’s just good to see so much water again.”

Vox 3: “It’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it before I was impressed by it.”

More than 5,000 people have visited Wivenhoe since Sunday forcing the water grid to employ traffic controllers to cope with the congestion.

Those who intend on making the trip are advised to expect delays and avoid parking on the sodden grass.

The release is expected to continue until Monday.

Kieran Marsh, QUT News.