Lord Major Campbell Newman today officially kicked off construction on a new sustainable urban village in Rochedale.

The future master-planned community which has taken eight years to get to this stage, will house up to 15,000 people.

Catherine Tucker reports.

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Eight years but they’ve finally started work.

The rain held off today as the Rochedale Estate’s construction began, to the relief of many people.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “Look this is a significant master plan community that’s finally on it’s way.”

Mr Newman said infrastructure and environmental issues had held back planning but that it was also a failing on behalf of the Brisbane City Council and the State Government.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “So I’m not making excuses today. It’s gotta be done better in the future.”

The houses, townhouses and villas will be required to have water and energy saving initiatives.

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “Well under the Queensland development code they’re required to have water saving measures built into the homes that are built here.”

This sustainable urban village will have recycled water for use in toilets and gardening and 5,000 litre water tanks standard in every home.

It will also have vegetated waterway corridors to treat stormwater.

Peter Brown, FKP CEO: “We are certainly living in a different world now than even ten years ago.”

Mr Brown said within limits buyers are willing to pay a premium for more sustainable, environmentally friendly homes.

Peter Brown, FKP CEO: “The end buyers are actually appreciating it and enjoy it.”

Land ranges from $290,000 to almost $400,000.

When the estate is completed in 2013 there will be more then 1200 dwellings, housing 15,000 people.

Catherine Tucker, QUT News.