Having launched a new campaign centred on sunshine torrential train is the last thing on Tourism Queensland’s wish list.

But while the wild weather has caused problems for Brisbane residents it certainly hasn’t dissuaded one lucky Shanghai family.

Kieran Marsh reports.

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The Jaing’s are in Brisbane as co-winners of Tourism Queenland’s “Sunshine Exchange” which also involved the O’Connor family from Brisbane visiting the Shanghai World Expo in August.

Unfortunately for the Jaing’s they have seen precious little sunshine since arriving on the Gold Coast last weekend but the weather hasn’t dampened their holiday.

Jiang Hui, Competition Winner: “In Dreamworld we saw the koala and the kangaroo and the wombat.”

Having launched their new campaign; “Queensland…Where Australia Shines” only a fortnight ago, the irony of the inclement rain isn’t lost on Tourism Queensland.

Andrew Sinclair, Tourism Queensland: “Absolutely, you couldn’t unfortunately have had worse weather over the last couple of weeks but the main thing is the family has had a wonderful time very much engaging with local people and local families and that’s been the sunshine of their stay so to speak.”

The weather is the last thing on young Kevin’s mind and there was little doubt over what the highlight of his visit to Queensland has been so far.

Kevin Jiang, Competition Winner: “Kangaroo.”

Despite a wet start to the new campaign Tourism Queensland is confident a lack of sunshine won’t deter Chinese visitors who last financial year contributed $330 million to the state economy.

Andrew Sinclair, Tourism Queensland: “China is one of the fastest growing international markets of anywhere in the world and for Queensland it represents about 3000 visitors a week spending almost a million dollars a day in expenditure.”

And what will the Jaing’s tell their family and friends about Queensland?

Jiang Hui, Competition Winner: “We will tell them it’s a very good place and the people are very warm hearted and we will tell them to come here together.”

Kieran Marsh, QUT News.