A new recycling scheme aimed at reducing Queensland’s landfill, is being rolled out in Westfield Shopping Centres across the state.

Sustainability Minister Kate Jones, says the new scheme will allow Queenslanders to recycle while they shop.

Kayla Brereton reports.

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Queensland shopping centres are going green with recycling bins being introduced in every food court.

The Queensland Government is trying to cut-back on our overflowing landfill.

Kate Jones, Sustainability Minister: “We’re trying to create places where people can recycle and make that decision to do the right thing when they are shopping.”

Queenslanders should see 600 tonnes of used containers diverted from landfill, with these seven trolleys representing the number of used bottles and cans that will go into recycling every 10 minutes.

Shoppers say it’s about time.

Vox 1: “I think they are long overdue, I reckon they could have been introduced sooner than now, really.”

Vox 2: “I think they are good, they’re not harmful to the planet, think they’re helping.”

Minister for Sustainability Kate Jones, says she’s positive shoppers will use the new bins, as 90 per cent of us already recycle at home.

Kate Jones, Sustainability Minister: “We’ve seen it in places where recycling is already available, people have done the right thing.”

The bins are currently being used in Westfield centres across New South Wales.

The new recycling scheme has already been introduced in food courts here at Chermside, encouraging shoppers to do the right thing.

Andy Hedges, Director of Management Westfield: “This will be covering across all of our six centres in Queensland so that will include our centres at Carindale, North Lakes, Helensvale, Strathpine and Garden City.”

Shoppers welcome the prospect of helping the environment while they shop.

Vox 3: “I think they’re a good idea, I use them, I’m keen on recycling.”

Kayla Brereton, QUT News.