Brisbane residents are counting the cost of Sunday night’s deluge as torrential rain swept over South East Queensland.

With rain easing this morning, it was a day of getting things in order and preparing for the expected wet weekend to come.

Lesley Price reports.

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A mass clean-up was taking place today residents of Brisbane’s North beginning the arduous task of repairing flood damage.

In Deagon, one of the worst affected areas, residents were evacuated from their homes yesterday to avoid rising waters.

Tracey Hancock, Deagon Resident: “The firies came in and took my kids out and us out, gave us five minutes because the king tide was coming in.”

Emergency services provided sand bags in an attempt to stop the water.

But levels rose rapidly in this street, causing it to flood with rain only easing today.

Theo Tenuye, Deagon Resident: “We were just amazed how much water was down here, because we’ve lived here for 10 years and we’ve never seen anything like this.”

This morning residents were counting their blessings with some luckier than others.

Matthew Rhodes, Deagon Resident: “One of the officers walked us down the street and let us in and he was just bewildered that this place was high and dry, he thought this place must have gone under.”

Don Baker, Deagon Resident: “That’s what caused the damage, the water just came up so quick.”

Council workers helped with the clean up clearing debris washed up from flooding creeks.

A shipping container had floated 2 kilometres down Kedron Brook and wedged itself underneath a busy bridge.

Closer to the city, creeks have also flooded but so far have not disrupted major road works.

However, the rain hasn’t brought all bad news South-East Queensland dams are bulging and the drinking water supply is expected to last until 2021.

Lesley Price, QUT News.