Record rainfall has caused havoc across South East Queensland, with motorists stranded and rivers bursting their banks.

Some residents of Deagan, on Brisbane’s northside, were forced to evacuate after water surged over local creeks.

Carly Synnott reports.

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Early today, the predictions were the rain would ease but not before the residents of Deagen were forced to pack up and leave their homes.

Police cordoned off this street after water rose over Cabbage Tree Creek and brought floodwaters to waist level in parts.

Slowly but surely residents were ferried by dinghy from their homes to safer ground the more vulnerable going first.

Residents had chosen to wait it out until rising waters gave them no choice.

Vox 1: “It’s getting higher… it is aye.”

SES: “Fellas you’re gonna have to start using your powers. Cordone out now. It’s far too dangerous.”

Residents in up to ten homes have been ordered to evacuate with authorities concerned water levels will continue to rise.

Leigh Campbell, Qld Fire & Rescue: “With the speed of the current they could be caught in there for a long time or they could get trapped. We’re worried about debris and other boats coming down crashing into the houses, logs all sorts of things that could cause issues to get them out later on.”

Streets turned to rivers and backyards turned to pools after 130 millimetres of rain fell overnight.

Residents have never seen anything like it.

Vox 2: “No, not this high. We’ve been here for 10 years and it hasn’t got this high. It’s been close but nah nothing like this.”

Vox 3: “We’ve got lots of friends who’ve helped us out. There was only a trickle this morning and then the creek went over and that was it.”

Vox 4: “Moved in here a month ago. Bought new electrical, new furniture, news beds, everything brand new.”

Authorities say all residents are safe tonight with family and friends.

Carly Synnott, QUT News.