Two new investigations are under way to determine the true fate of two young Australians.

The first inquest into the disappearance of teenager Daniel Morcombe has started in Maroochydore.

And the death of Azaria Chamberlain 30 years after her disappearance at Uluru is also to be re-examined.

Lesley Price reports.

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Daniel Morcombe was last seen walking along the Nambour Connection Road to a bus stop when he went missing almost 7 years ago.

After many inquiries, an inquest into his disappearance has started in Maroochydore to find out if he’s still alive, and if not, how he died.

Bruce Morcombe gave evidence regarding the disappearance and suspected murder of his son.

Bruce Morcombe, Daniel’s father: “We’re really hopeful I suppose is the right word, that at some point they’re going to say I’ve known this for nearly 7 years. I’m now going to tell the truth and expose what happened.”

Morcombe’s parents say they want to lay Daniel to rest and any further action would be a considered a bonus.

In the Northern Territory, a fourth inquest is being prepared for Azaria Chamberlain.

Evidence will be re-examined to determine the genuine cause of death.

Azaria’s father Michael Chamberlain is hopeful this inquest will confirm a dingo was responsible.

He says he’s been told a new inquest will likely be held early next year

Lesley Price, QUT News.