Heavy rainfalls that have soaked Queensland’s South East are threatening to smash long-held records for the month of October.

The drenching comes after weeks of continued wet conditions, which are expected to continue into next week.

Alex Champtaloup reports.

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The weather has caused disruptions across the region and lead to extreme coastal conditions, resulting in the closure of many beaches.

While weather warnings of gale force winds have been detracted, dangerous conditions are still affecting the coast.

Geoff Doueal, Senior Forecaster Weather Bureau: “What we’ve got is flood warnings for south east Queensland for coastal rivers and streams also heavy rain that’s continuing this morning but we are expecting it to ease off.”

Nearly half of the record rainfall for October has fallen in the past 10 days and The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting more rain ahead.

Geoff Doueal, Senior Forecaster Weather Bureau: “Given that we’ve had a wet start to October is probably safe to assume we’ll see some more rain during October.”

The Wivenhoe and North Pine Dams, which were both sitting on or very close to 100 per cent before last night, have had their floodgates opened, for the first time in ten years.

The Deputy Premier today urged Queenslanders to heed the warnings and advice of the State Emergency Services.

Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier: “It’s very, very important to stay away from flooded creeks and drains.”

He said that the SES had already been called to rescue 20 people.

Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier: “I just say to people do not make yourself a statistic here.”

He added that the unseasonably high rainfall, wouldn’t mean water restrictions would be lifted.

With long term forecasts predicting plenty of rain in the coming months it looks like we’re facing a very wet summer ahead.

Alex Champtaloup, QUT News.