A milestone in treatment of heart conditions was marked today at a Queensland hospital.

It’s 50 years since the Prince Charles Hospital performed its first surgical treatment of heart disease and disorders.

Peter Park reports.

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Madge Dalgleish was only five years of old in 1960 when she made history by surviving heart surgery conducted at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.

Half a century later she says that the only way to keep going is to enjoy life.

Madge Dalgleish, heart surgery survivor: “I was the youngest or the smallest to ever survive, but I’ve never let that get to my head. I’m just a normal person.”

To mark the anniversary a special plaque was today unveiled at the hospital.

Chris Evans also survived a more recent procedure with newer technology and he has the scars to show it.

Chris Evans: “All these doctors and nurses, they’re all giving everyday when they come here. They don’t have to do what they do.”

He was back on his feet and back to work only three days after the operation.

The hospital is at the cutting edge of heart surgery and is the largest cardiac treatment centre in the country.

Dr Darren Walters, Prince Charles Hospital: “Some of the really great innovations in new technology have occurred right here on this campus and right here in this room.”

Dr Darren Walters says the micro-invasive treatments being pioneered at the Prince Charles are the way of the future.

Dr Darren Walters, Prince Charles Hospital: “We’re trying to develop more minimally invasive technology. Technology that’s more acceptable to the patient and provides better outcomes with less complications.”

The hospital helps around six thousand patients every year.

Peter Park, QUT News.