The long term weather predictions are we’re in for a wet and wild summer.

With the storm season already here, authorities are warning to prepare NOW to ensure safety and minimise damage.

Nyree Callaghan reports.

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Northern Brisbane suburb, The Gap was one of the worst affected areas in the massive November 2008 storms.

Some residents went without water for up to four days and electricity for a week and a half.

Matt Seddon. The Gap Resident: “Those awnings back there just got ripped off and we were like oh my god we’re going to lose the entire roof.”

The affects of that storm remain with some damage still not repaired.

Geraldine Knapp, Councillor for The Gap: “It scarred people. There are still some people that every time it rains start to get very wary.”

This year, to minimise storm impact, Energex and the Brisbane City Council are partnering to promote a mass clean up before summer.

They want South-East Queensland residents to remove anything loose from their yards and are providing incentives to do so.

Geraldine Knapp, Councillor for The Gap: “There’s four weekends that you can get to the transfer stations with your green waste and you won’t be charged.”

Mike Swanston, Energex: “Get an expert in to have a look and keep trees and palm fronds away from these powerlines in the front yard.”

As we come into storm season, Brisbane residents are being urged to register to receive an early storm warning message. You can receive the message via landline,
email or SMS.

Nyree Callaghan, QUT News.