Health professionals protested outside Parliament House today angry at a proposed pay rise.

In the sweltering heat, unions called for the government to step in and help negotiate a fairer deal.

Clare Hunter reports.

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Tempers and temperatures rose today with the largest gathering of protesters in five years united in anger over the latest Queensland Health pay rise proposal.

More than 500 health professionals stopped work to protest saying a 2.5 per cent pay increase over three years is a slap in the face for the job they’re doing.

Vox 1: “The 2.5 that they are offering us is not even keeping pace with inflation.”

Vox 2: “We are just ready for the government to take us seriously.”

Vox 3: “We show up everyday to treat these people who are in pain everyday and what do we get? We don’t get anything. We are back to tell them the same thing again same thing again.”

The unions claim the pay rise is a result of the Queensland Health pay debacle that cost the government millions in April this year.

Alex Scott, General Secretary QPSU: “We don’t think our pay rises should be sacrificed to make up for the health pay roll debacle.”

There are threats that some health professionals will move interstate for better pay conditions, some claiming they are effectively suffering a pay cut when factoring in inflation rates.

Queensland Health maintains they’re the best paid in the country.

Michael Walsh, Deputy Director General, Queensland Health: “The current pay for health practitioners is the highest in Australia at the base level . The entry level for a health practitioner is approximately $57,000.”

He says negotiations will continue.

Clare Hunter, QUT News.