Australian pro golfer Adam Scott made a special house call to the Royal Children’s Hospital’s today.

He came to get an update on how his own foundation is helping sick kids.

Rebekah Ison reports.

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These kids at the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital are learning using the latest interactive technology.

Adam Scott met and had a putt with some of the kids that will benefit from the new activboards his foundation donated.

Adam Scott, Professional Golfer: “It’s amazing the positive energy in this place from everyone, and to come here and to be a part of it even just for one day is a really fantastic experience.”

It’s hoped the activboards will assist hospital teachers and help make hospital life more bearable for the kids.

Karenlee Spillane, Royal Children Hospital’s Foundation CEO: “School gives them a little bit of routine and a donation like this means we can now provide excellence in education.”

The RCH’s school assists 1,500 children annually keep up with education standards.

Twelve year old Grace Griffin has been in hospital since June but says she’s not worried.

Grace Griffin, RCH School Student: “The wonder factory comes up with trolleys full of games and art activities and the teachers come up with school work.”

The Adam Scott Foundation started five years ago when the sportsman was just 25.

Since then it’s been involved with numerous programs helping under privileged and sick children.

Adam Scott, Professional Golfer: “Setting it up young gives a chance to really make a difference by the end of my career.”

As for the career that kick started the foundation, Scott says he’s targeting on specific areas of his game.

Perhaps some of the children at the Hospital could give him a few pointers.

Grace Griffin, RCH School Student: “It took him a while to get some in too.”

Rebekah Ison, QUT News.