Twenty-seven students, teachers and organisations were presented with awards for Excellence in Science and Science Education today.

The Queensland winners gathered at Customs House to receive their honorary awards.

Phoebe Baker reports.

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The prestigious science awards. were presented to those who displayed an outstanding contribution to science and science education.

Teachers and science education managers received several thousand dollars for their achievements which would go towards their schools.

Adam Budd says it’s inspiring to teachers and presents them with a number of opportunities.

Adam Budd, Teacher Beerwah State High School: “There’s not that many given out each year and so it’s an honour to, it’s a pat on the back for doing the hard work that we do.”

Students travelled across Queensland to receive the prestigious award.

Andrew Perryman says it’s a fantastic sign of recognition for all the work they’ve done.

Andrew Perryman, Student at Beerwah State High School: “It let’s you know you’ve been doing something right and hopefully it will allow me to, I suppose, have that extra credential to be taken more seriously.”

The awards were presented in honour of Nobel laureate Peter Doherty.

The former Australian of the year says it’s important to recognise outstanding scientific achievement, to encourage people of all ages to excel in the research and education of science.

Professor Peter Doherty, Former Australian of the Year: “I think that science teaching is enormously important, it’s enormously important to have great science teachers, it’s a great career and we don’t have nearly enough science teachers.”

Presenting the awards, the Minister for Education and Training, Geoff Wilson, says it’s a great day for science education in Queensland.

Geoff Wilson, Qld Minister for Education and Training: “These are the students and the teachers who are helping to build our science people who are just incredibly important to strengthening the Queensland economy in the years ahead.”

Phoebe Baker, QUT News.