The New South Wales Greens are calling for an independent inquiry into the use of tasers by police, following the death of a man in Sydney.

However the Police Commissioner has defended the police involved, saying their actions saved lives.

Joanna Carson reports.

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Two New South Wales police officers are under scrutiny for tasering a man who later died during a confrontation in Sydney’s West last night.

Police were called to a house shortly after midnight to investigate a reported sexual assault.

They found a man holding two knives, who they believed was affected by alcohol.

Police fired a taser to subdue him although it’s unclear how many times the weapon was used.

Vox 1: “When he was coming out of there they said drop the knife and he didn’t because he was coming so they tasered him.”

Vox 2: “I came up the gate, I saw the police and a man on the ground unconscious.”

Police performed CPR on the man until paramedics arrived but he died after he was taken to hospital.

Commissioner Andrew Scipione says the situation was life-threatening and using a taser was appropriate.

Andrew Scipione, NSW Police Commissioner: “At this point we’re looking after the police in terms of their welfare, at this point the police are very comfortable with the circumstances surrounding what’s occurred.”

It was the second death in Sydney in the past two days where a taser has been used.

Joanna Carson, QUT News.