The Queensland Bulls today launched their campaign in front of club members and officials to welcome the new season.

The Brisbane-based side is excited about the upcoming season and tomorrow’s clash with defending one-day champions Tasmania.

Peter Park reports.

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The one day national cricket game has been given a shake-up this season with the introduction of a split-innings format.

Matches will now be played with each team batting and fielding twice, and overs reduced to 45 per side.

James Hopes, Bulls Captain: “We’re excited about the possibilities of where it can go.”

Hopes took over captaincy as Chris Simpson stood down saying the club needed stability.

He paid tribute to his predecessor.

James Hopes, Bulls Captain: “He’s actually jumped straight back into training and he’s been very impressive in training and he’s getting his game back to a level where I think it can go.”

Queensland Bulls captain James Hopes is expecting a tentative start to the one day season as the teams adapt to the new game format.

James Hopes, Bulls Captain: “First few games most teams will play it straight up there won’t be too many tactics come in. But it has potential for new tactics. But out of the gate we won’t try anything too much different from fifty over game.”

The new rules will have their first run tomorrow at the Gabba.

Peter Park, QUT News.