Security on the south-east Queensland rail network is set to be boosted with 24 hour a day dog patrols.

The step up in security is part of a $45-million crackdown on crime.

Rachel Tinney, reports.

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Eleven mobile security patrols, each with handlers and a dog, will patrol train stations, carparks and other Queensland Rail property.

The patrols will be informed by intelligence, staff, public reports and CCTV to be deployed in places of known anti-social behaviour.

The dogs have been added as a result of customer feedback, with passengers wanting to feel safer on trains.

Rachel Nolan, Transport Minister: “It will add a strong visual presence which will ensure that people who are thinking about playing up, who are thinking about giving security officers a mouthful or doing the wrong thing, really back right off.”

Queensland Rail stressed the dogs are only there as a presence.

Paul Scurrah, QR CEO: “The statistics show that they add a little bit more security to the network, there’s no doubt about that. They are muzzled, but they can be unmuzzled if it’s necessary.”

They won’t be used as drug sniffer dogs.

The Minister claims the extra patrols are needed despite the fact there’s been no increase in assaults on Queensland trains and platforms.

Paul Scurrah, QR CEO: “One assault on our network is way too many and any crime is something we don’t tolerate. Despite that, we’re increasing the police presence through the addition of new rail squad members.”

Ten extra officers will also be added to the Queensland Police rail service, while eight Senior Network Officers began work last week to combat anti-social behaviour.

Rachel Tinney, QUT News.