Julia Gillard arrived in Brussels this morning for her first test as Prime Minister on the international stage.

She will join other world leaders at the Asia-Europe Meeting, where trade and security are on the agenda.

Isobel Roe, reports.

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Following her weekend in Afghanistan, Julia Gillard joined 45 other leaders in Brussels in the biggest assembly outside of the United Nations.

Ms Gillard is the first Australian Prime Minister to attend the meeting.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “It is tremendous to have this opportunity to see so many world leaders in the one place at the one time.”

Ms Gillard spent the weekend showing her support for troops in Afghanistan, pledging to provide more equipment if it’s required.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “They are doing a great job under difficult conditions.”

In an effort to secure the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Prime Minister also met with FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “We were, in his terminology, like a Formula one driver at the starting line. The car is fully fueled and the engine’s on, whether we’ll win the race we’ll know in December.”

Tony Abbott is also overseas this week, arriving to meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron for the UK Conservative Party’s annual conference.

Isobel Roe, QUT News.